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Most of you apply henna on your hairs and it is a known face that applying henna on hair can improve the strength and length of your hair to a large extent. Now I have heard a lot of girls and women asking me different questions about applying henna on hair and the most prominent of those questions is “How long to leave Henna on hair”

Well, this is one of the most asked questions to me and in this article, I will try to give a satisfying answer to this query of yours.

How long to leave henna on hair

How long to leave henna on hair

Okay so first of all, there is no pre-defined time for leaving henna on hair. It mostly varies from the kind of hair that you have and also on the kind of henna you are applying.

Different women have different time intervals to apply and leave henna on their hair. As I said that there is no specific time interval for that but here I have collected some information after conducting a small survey of various ladies.

Here are some of the answers the ladies game when I asked them how long they apply henna on their hair.

  • Most of the ladies whom I asked this question said that they apply henna on their hair overnight. Means they get henna on their hairs before sleeping and leave it as it is till the night. The wash it the next day.
  • Some of them said that they prefer to keep it six hours a day.
  • Few also told that they keep for no more than 3 hours a day. They usually keep for one and a half hour each day which is enough to give them a nice red colour on their hair.
  • Though most of the participants in the survey didn’t gave any time limit, but some said that they keep for at least 8 hours a day while some capped the limit to 6 hours a day.


So from the survey answers given above, we can infer the following things about how long to leave henna on hair

With all the data I have collected from this survey, I came to know that there is no need to keep henna applied on hair for the entire night.

As per the response of most of the ladies, 6-8 hours of application of henna on hair is enough for it to leave a good color on your hair.

Though what I have said above is just based on personal experience and some research.

It still depends on you that for how long you want to keep henna applied on your hair and how long you are comfortable with keeping it applied on your hair.

As the research says, 6-8 hours is the ideal time while 24 hours and 1 hour are just more and less respectively.

Final Words

So with this post, I tried to answer your question and tell you the right time to keep henna applied on your hair. If you have any other questions regarding the same, feel free to ask me through the comment section down below.

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