Hairstyles for women over 50

Hairstyles for women over 50

50 years , means the golden jubilee of yours. And when you cross that age , you need some kind of stuff that you suit you in every way. By ways, what I mean is it should suit your age, you looks , your face color and above all , it should neither be outdated nor awkward.

Few women think that they should not be concerned about their looks or their hairstyle or other such stuff after reaching the age for 50 but that is completely a wrong notion. Instead , I would say that you should not stop beautifying yourselves unless you die.

Let’s cut off the crap and proceed.

If you are a woman and your age is over 50 , you might be looking for some cool hairstyles for you. Well , nothing wrong.
Good looking is not a crime and there is no age either for having good looks.
Here we will not be talking specifically about looks , but we will be talking about locks.
In this article , I will show you some super awesome hairstyles that you can actually try and can even adapt if you wish to.
Though these hairstyles are best suited for women over the age of 50 , it simply does not mean that other women can not use it.

The hairstyle is an important aspect when it comes to your personality. Your looks can in many ways influence your personality and so does your locks.

Let us suppose that there are two persons , ladies in particular. One of them has very smooth , silky hair while the other one’s hair aren’t nice. There are rough and not shiny even. So , whom would you consider to have a good personality ?
If you are someone like normal human beings , you would certainly make out that the women with better hair would have a more effective or good personality.

So this simple example shows us how influencing your hair or your hairstyles are when it comes to deciding your personality.

For women over 50 , hairstyles are supposed to be pretty decent and alongside decent , gorgeous too. I hope you got what I am trying to say.

Types of women over 50

Types of women over 50

There are two kinds of women over the age of 50 or I would rather say that women over 50 have two different kinds of beliefs. One those who think that there isn’t any more reason left to beautify themselves and leave them as they are. They are not considerate about their looks after they reach that particular age of 50.

And then there are the other type of women over 50 who consider their old age or their age above 50 as their second youth and try to be as beautiful as they were before reaching that age.

Those kind of woman are very much considerate about their looks and their hairstyles.

So , if you are from the former category , I have an advice for you. You should stop taking your age as a barrier for your good looks. Forget the age and start working on your looks or your hairstyles or on anything else that pleases you.

And if you are from the latter category , I would say that “You are AWESOME”. You should indeed keep thinking about your looks and your hairstyles till the age you are alive.

Kinds of hairstyles for women over 50

Kinds of Hairstyles for women over 50

Though the kind of hairstyles for you depend on your face cut , looks and also on the type of your hair. In this section , I will try to cover all the basic kinds of hairstyles that will suit your hairs , depending on all other factors.

If you do not have very long hairs, the short bob type haircut would suit you but in case you have long locks ,a simple ponytail could also turn out to be a better option.

But I won’t say more about hairstyles here, I would rather show you some pictures, as they say , an image speaks louder than words. So , I feel that the pictures would be a great medium to show you the hairstyles for you.

Though these hairstyles are basically for women over 50 , it does not mean that younger women can not try them because ultimately what you are supposed to do is try some hairstyles and adapt the ones that suit you.

Best Hairstyles for women over 50

I would say one thing before continuing with the post. The models you see in the images down below may not be over the age of 50 and maybe younger but never mind, the hairstyles are only those which are going to suit women over the age of 50.

Hairstyles for women over 50

This type of a hairstyles suits for you if you have bit long hair and your hair are pretty much smooth and strong. And if you are a blonde (with golden hair) , it will be like an icing on the cake

I would say , making this kind of a hairstyle isn’t difficult at all and you are not going to face any problem while making this kind of a hairstyle by yourselves.

So , no parlor shits !! You can make this hairstyle yourselves. All you have to do is tie your hair in a single tail kind of thing with various knots

Hairstyles for women over 50

Hairstyles for women over 50

Long hairstyles for women

If you have long hair and you do not prefer any sort of tails or are not in a mood to tie your hair , then you can give this hairstyle a try.

There isn’t anything complicated here either. You just have to divide your hair into two parts and then keep them on either side of your head.

You can also apply oil to your hair to give it a glossy look.

long hairstyles for women

Long hairstyles for women

50s Hairstyles

Best suited hairstyles for women with brown hair. I am saying brown hair here , this doesn’t mean that you can try this hairstyle only for brown here.

Any women with medium length hair can try this but brown or orange color hairs suit best with this haircut.

Even if you have long hair , you can get a medium haircut and try this style.

Using stuff like that butterfly will make the hair look even more pretty.

50s hairstyles

50s hairstyles

Medium haircuts for women

These kinds of curls look really sweet. This kind of hairstyle is pretty much similar to the one discussed above but there are too different which aren’t very apparent.

Firstly , the kind of hair in the image above aren’t curly but in this hairstyle , the hair are curly.

Secondly , the hair in this picture are shorter than what they were in the picture shared above.

medium haircuts for women

Medium haircuts for women

Short haircuts for fine hair

That model kind of hair looks amazing.

Do you too want a haircut like that ? Do not hesitate , no matter what your age is , you too can get it.

If you aren’t very good in hair styling or if you think that you will not be able to make it perfectly , I would suggest you to get this done in a professional manner in a salon

Since this hairstyle is much awesome , it is not very easy to style and so , don’t try this yourself. Go to a salon instead.

short haircuts for fine hair

Short haircuts for fine hair

Short haircuts for thin hair

Though the picture doesn’t very much reveal the kind of hairstyle but I hope you got what is the central idea behind this hairstyles.

Well , this hairstyle isn’t very complex in any way.

The hair are oiled and then combed to arrange it in a simple way , that’s it.

But what !! This isn’t everything. Did you see that one streak of hair coming to the face. Dont ignore it , it looks awesome

short haircuts for thin hair

Short haircuts for thin hair

Short haircuts for women

Hairstyles like those of a boy also are very much in trend , especially for women over 50. These hairstyles are best suited for you if you have short hair.

Look at the dummy in the image below. If you too have short hair and a face cut like that dummy , I would strongly recommend you to try this haircut.

It would look awesome on you and doesn’t even requires any complicated styling.

short haircuts for women

Short haircuts for women

Short hairstyles for women

If you have long hair , you can try this hairstyle for you. If you want to make it better , get your hair colored too. Glossy , golden colored hair would be a perfect match for this kind of hairstyles.

Get your hair colored and then arrange them to make a floral kind of design on the upper part of your head.

This hairstyle looks highly arranged and looks pretty and would also suit women over the age of 50.

short hairstyles for women

Short hairstyles for women

Short hairstyles for women over 50

This hairstyle is also pretty much similar to the hairstyle in the above image but they both aren’t exactly the same. The Golden color suits the hairstyle better but other colors would also do.

The hair are arranged in the form of a crown and looks really great. You too can try this hairstyle for you if you are liking it.

short hairstyles for women over 50

Short hairstyles for women over 50

Short medium haircuts

In this hairstyle , half part of the locks are made a lock on the back side in a similar manner as it was done in the images given above while the rest of the hair are again divided into two and placed on either side of the head.

In a nutshell , this was a blend of the lock kind of hairstyle and that simple dividing kind of hairstyle.

Short Medium haircuts

Short Medium haircuts

 Wrapping it up

I looked up for a lot of hairstyles and ultimately ended up choosing these ten. Though I would not say that my choice is the best but I showed this to a lot of people and they all liked these. So yes, this is the best collection of hairstyles for women over 50.

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